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About Our Company

“Organizations that address today’s challenges are best positioned to outperform tomorrow.”

Dove Direct Forward

What ‘forward’ means and why it’s a customer imperative

As the world processes more and more information at incredible speed, we’re dedicated to helping people, companies, and government advance through efficient collaboration. We know that leaders across various enterprises constantly face new challenges and opportunities from consumers, constituents, employees, and stakeholders. Those organizations that address these situations head on are best positioned to accelerate forward. Our mission is to drive higher marketing results for your investment.

Our Values

  • Delivering a superior customer experience
  • Commitment to effective and innovative business practices
  • Continued growth and profitability for your company and ours

Our History

Dove Direct is the leading direct marketing, data management and mail services company in the Southeast. As an integrated solutions provider, located in Atlanta, GA, we serve local and international businesses as full service print, mail, data and marketing consultants, dedicated to increasing your (ROI) return on investment.  Printing has evolved with the advent of new technologies and Dove Direct has amassed the latest printing infrastructure that serves as the hub for any marketing initiative, such as direct mail, variable digital printing, data management, books, brochures, etc., thus being able to satisfy the various demands for unified printed marketing collateral.  Any business looking to reduce time and cost, should place Dove Direct on their list of possible providers. Connect with us on LinkedIn and follow us on Twitter.

With so much data being captured and distributed, we recognize the need for smarter collaboration to harness, analyze and make effective use of emerging technologies and trends. That’s why we continue to upgrade and innovate our facilities. As one of the largest fully automated MLOCR Presort Bureaus in the U.S., we take great pride in our client’s success by sharing our superior knowledge of evolving postal regulations, hybrid marketing capabilities, intelligent mail barcode, and industry best practices.

For more than 30 years, our company has been committed to helping businesses communicate and interact with their customers. Dove Direct was founded March 7, 1987 as a Georgia Corporation and is owned by Joyce Newton, President & CEO, and Harvey Newton, Vice President & COO.

We are members of the following organizations:

  • Postal Customer Council: (Greater SE Region)
  • USPS Certified Business Alliance Partner
  • Mail Systems Management Association (MSMA)
  • National Association of Presort Mailers (NAPM)
  • Direct Mail Marketing Association (DMA)
  • Georgia Chamber of Commerce
  • Touch Point Alliance Member

We currently hold the following certifications:

  • Full Service IMB (Intelligent Mail Barcode) MLOCR Mailer
  • Certified USPS Presort Mailer
  • Women Minority Business Enterprise (GMSDC, SBA, City of Atlanta)
  • And various corporate certificates for community service, distinction and merit

Our Solutions

As a leading provider of communication technologies, our portfolio includes a smart set of analytical, creative, and strategic tools and services to help organizations streamline their mail and print operations, manage critical documents, and serve their customers effectively and affordably.

We have the equipment and capabilities to offer a complete line of integrated solutions including Creative Development, Data Management, Variable Print, Mail Presorting, Letter Shop and Fulfillment, and Marketing Support Solutions for a number of industries, organizations, and clients worldwide.

As a Certified full service Intelligent Mail Barcode provider, and one of only four in the Southeast, we’re widely recognized for helping organizations meet the many challenges of connecting with individual customers today.

In addition to enabling our clients the opportunity to collaborate and leverage various ecosystems, we help protect personal information and privacy, and deliver innovative creative around the world. We also offer marketing support solutions that deliver greater value and ROI to our clients, including a suite of Web-based tools to serve your multi-channel operating and marketing support needs.


  • Variable Digital Printing
  • Offset Lithography
  • Expert Bindery Services
  • Skilled Kit Assembly and Packing
  • MLOCR Mail Sorters
  • Intelligent Mail Barcode
  • Full Service Mailing and Distribution
  • Inkjet Printers
  • IGen4 Technology
  • Customized Marketing Support
  • Complete Letter Shop & Fulfillment

Whether you need advanced analytical data, agile responsiveness, operational improvements, innovative capabilities, social connection, or tighter security, our goal is to move you forward.

Dove is Green

In an on-going effort to promote sustainability, Dove Direct has joined a host of responsible corporations and individuals who believe that it is our duty to preserve the world’s natural resources. Our environmental program includes:

  • Comprehensive Recycling Program
  • Electronic Power Management
  • Efficient Duplex Printing/Copying
  • Chemical free inks and dyes

Thank you for visiting our website. We invite you to browse our solutions section, review the list of services that we offer, and read about the industries we serve.

Tour Our Facilities

We invite you to join us on the last Thursday of the month, from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm. Let us show you how to improve your document processes to optimize your workflow, reduce your costs, and maximize your organization’s printing, letter shop and mailing capabilities.  Visit our official USPS certified bureau that's designed to save you time and money. And, if you bring us your files, we will create a demo file for you. For more information call Carla Eubanks at 404-629-0122 or email Carla at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Alternatively, you can visit our helpful resources page where you will find our contact information, upload your artwork, request a sample and much more.

Remember, forward-thinking organizations see challenges as opportunities and act upon them.