Mail and MLOCR Presort

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Dove Direct ranks among the Southeast's top commercial printers and is certified by the United States Postal Service as a fully automated MLOCR Presort Bureau. Our high-speed MLOCR machines read and sort addressed mail and drops daily at the USPS lowering your postage rates and speeding delivery.

With more than 23 years of direct mail marketing experience, we are an industry leader in direct mail, digital printing solutions and printing services. Our superior knowledge of postal regulations, efficient operations and high-speed equipment offer our customers exceptional services and value.

Our unique printing services offer a wide range of opportunities to increase quality, reduce postal costs and improve deliverability. Let our experienced staff of experts help you create an efficient and effective mailing strategy.

Dove Direct Services Include:

  • Automated Bar-Coded Presorting  Dove Direct is an authorized combined bar-coded presort mailer, allowing us to co-mingle mail from various customers. The presort services we provide increase the level of sorting, affording our customers the largest possible presort savings.  Selecting Dove Direct as your presort vendor affords customers access to an Act-Tag System which improves the delivery time frame by one to two days on mail that must be routed via air mail. We are also IMB (Intelligent Mail Barcode) certified, according to USPS regulations.  Dove Direct has the capability to read, sort and generate the IMB and offer additional savings with mail tracking and confirm delivery services.
  • Letter Shop  Dove Direct offers Automated and Manual processing of Letters, Postcards, Newsletters, Self-Mailers, Flats, Booklets, Catalogs and Transactional Documents. We also provide services that include Cutting, Folding, Ink – Jetting, Tabbing, Metering, Match Mailing, and Collating.  Dove employs intelligent automated equipment within each process, allowing document matching capabilities and integrity throughout the duration of processing. If you have a unique project that requires manual handling, Dove Direct can assist you. 
  • Fulfillment  Dove Direct offers Document on Demand printing; eliminating the need for mass volume printing and storage of documents.  Allow Dove to print only the documents you need, when you need them, and ship them where you need them just in time!  If you have Merchandise, store the merchandise at Dove and have us fulfill the customer’s order (Pick, Pack, and Ship) as the orders are placed. Dove offers electronic ordering communications, inventory management, etc.
  • Data List Procurement (Residential & Commercial) based on Socio-Demographics or Geography. In addition to assisting you in acquiring your customer lists, Dove Mailing can manage the list; offering list updates, duplication removal, etc. If you have data that must be transmitted and handled within a secure environment, Dove Direct offers Secured VPN and Secured, Dedicated FTP connections.